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Pantalone on the Moon

Recomandat: Peste 5 ani

This show is performed at

Palatul Național al Copiilor, Sala Mare (Bulevardul Tineretului nr. 8-10)




for children 5+

Directed and written by

Mihai Alexandru Ion   

After an idea by

Cyrano de Bergerac

Set designer

Andreea Diana Nistor        


Cătălin Rulea                 


Ionuț Deliu


Colombina: Adela Bengescu

Pantalone: Tudor Morar

Arlechino: Florin Crăciun

Dottore: Oana Bănuță

Dottorelo: Nicoleta Rusu

Dottorino: Vera Linguraru

Spadento: Cristian Crețu

Lelio: Alex Ștefănescu

Izabela: Andreea Gaica

Running time:

1h 20min

It is said that on the Moon everything is upside down, and for some people it may seem much nicer this way. Pantalone is old, stingy and extremely vain, and the prospect of going into space is exceedingly endearing for him. After a short and wonderful journey, Pantalone arrives on the Moon, where the elderly become young again, where children command their parents, and monkeys become emperors. It seems like a realm of dreams, where golden rivers and diamonds flow. But there are just as many duels, just as many fools and just as much injustice as there is on Earth.

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