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Date of birth

22nd March 1982


Universitatea Naţională de Artă Teatrală şi Cinematografică I. L. Caragiale, Facultatea de Teatru, secţia Actorie, Bucureşti, 2006 

In the current season, the actor performs in
Cyrus Smith în The Mysterious Island, after Jules Verne, directed by Theodor Cristian Popescu, 2015
John, Fred, Laughing Robber, Bindweed in The Snow Queen, by Charles Way, directed by Rosamunde Hut, 2014
Nică, in Childhood Memories, by Peter Kerek, after Ion Creangă, directed by Peter Kerek, 2014
Driver, in When toys say bye!, by Sânziana Popescu, directed by Attila Vizauer, 2008
Other roles
The Mouse, in Cinderella, stage adaptation by Ion Lucian and Virgil Puicea, after the Grimm Brothers, directed by Ion Lucian
Prince Lelio, in The Enchanted Seed, by Mihai Manolescu (after an idea by Maria Manolescu) , directed by Mihai Manolescu
Prince Charming, in The story of the child that saved all stories, by Ştefan Mitroi, directed by Constantin Dicu
Piper soldier, in The Mystery of the Invisible Town, by Victor Cilincă, directed by Constantin Dicu
Soldier in The Beetles, script by Iosif Herţea, Tompa Gábor and Cornel Todea, directed by Cornel Todea, 2011
Roles in movies
Îndrăgostitul în Supplitio, regia Michel Ferraro, Miranfilm, 2004
Golanul în O noapte de dragoste (Unna notte d'amore), regia Florin Chevorchian, 2005
Astrolog în Film Documentar, Discovery Channel
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